With Shyne360 on your side, we will use the POWER of direct mail marketing to bring out your potential customers.

Recent stats for for direct mail have been simply outstanding.  Some Canada Post studies show almost a 95% read/open rate for mail pieces the same day.  With a high amount of online content consumption, the direct mail promotions we have crafted have served as a fresh and unique break for the consumer.  Meaning...what's old is new again!

Designed to Convert - Postcards, Letters, Door Hangers & more

Combining direct mail with an email newsletter or other forms of online advertising is a great way to boost your promotional efforts. If you are ready to launch a new product, a new business or to have a big sales event then connect with Shyne360 to design a
multi-platform campaign to increase your reach and ultimately experience SUCCESS!

Recent success story:

A retail business in Surrey, BC wanted to celebrate by having an Anniversary Sale.  The challenge was to create unique offers for their loyal customers only and not to advertise these specials to the general public.  This company had a genuine desire to thank their customers and reward them with exclusive offers.  In working with our team, we created a game-plan to host an exclusive event to be held after hours.

The results:

  • Met and broke sales target for the event.  Product sales were 50% plus over the initial target
  • Increased activity/engagement on retailers website leading up to the event
  • Attracted new email subscribers in the build up to the Anniversary Sale
  • Customers were contacting the retailer in advance to ask if they can bring along friends and co-workers - instant referrals!
  • With the positive PR & Success the retailer decides to host this new event annually.
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