It's ALL About Connections.  Let's Be Good Friends with Google :)

You may have heard terms like PPC (pay-per-click), keywords, Ad Words and similar customer acquisition terminology.  The big brands do it to dominate page one results on various search engines.  If you are not on page one then you are an afterthought.  
So, why don't you claim your spot on page one?!

Many smaller business owners think that this type of campaign will break the bank but that is not true and only the perception. The experts at Shyne360 can get you started for a modest budget and produce campaigns that start working right away.  Not only that, we provide an ongoing PERFORMANCE REPORT to back it up!

We are skilled in conducting research for keywords and search phrases and consumer behaviors that drive leads and new opportunities to your website with a goal of converting the consumer to purchase online or in your physical location.  With our system, we continually monitor your performance and make the necessary tweaks for best performance for your marketing dollar.

Oh yeah... WE DON'T HIDE OUR FEES to run  these campaigns like some big media agencies.  You will know exactly what you pay for running each campaign and receive direct pricing per click.