If word-of-mouth promotions is the KING of all marketing, then could it be that email marketing is the #2 most effective?!

Many of us say that we get "too much email" yet after years and years of receiving emails, our behaviour shows that we are opening emails.  Yes we are blocking spam and ignoring sales pitches but emails that are crafted with a compelling message are showing successful open rates.  You need to LAND THE MESSAGE and this comes with creativity and the art of quality copywriting.

We work with many businesses that have collected email addresses for their customers but have never or rarely communicated to their list.  The reasons are usually to do with the time to put together a quality message or the time to create.  Working with Shyne360 our team can help uncover best practices when it comes to landing your message.

Above all, by using our services we will look at your email campaigns and make recommendations so that your are CASL compliant (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation) and sending messages with your customers best interest in mind and of course to keep you on safe grounds by following best practices.

Recent success story:

A retailer based in Coquitlam, BC had almost 1000 subscribers on their email list but did not have a defined srategy to communicate with their customer base even though the customers had opted in to received updates.  Working with our team, we were able to create a game-plan to to send a monthly newsletter that offered industry updates with a fun and light tone.  We identified their customer profile and crafted the newsletters to engage these consumers.

The results:

  • Email open and read rates ranging from 38% to 42%  (industry average in 2016 was approx 18%).  Almost 400 customers per month read the message and elevated the retailers brand as a new touch-point for mind share and recognition.
  • Customer engagement increased as the retailer started to receive more email inquiries from customers started to seek information about their promotions.
  • Customers coming in from the email newsletter were visiting the retailers website and spending more time to learn about their offerings.
  • Via email efforts we were able to gain trust of the customer and ask for online reviews.  These reviews are now available for potential new customers learning about this retailers brand via Google and Facebook.
  • At a low cost, this retailer achieved higher engagement, referrals from their existing customer base and create DIGITAL WORD OF MOUTH with positive reviews.

The Shyne360 team is happy to exchange ideas and best practices as a part of our 360 Review process (no obligation).  We say there is still opportunity with email marketing.  Perhaps your customer wakes up one morning, grabs their phone (before kissing their spouse) and checks their email to find your message - it's just the way many function these days to kick-start their day and we can help get you there.  Let's land your message!